4 Pines Beer

Are you old enough to legally drink alcohol?




4% ABV – Available in 330mL sleek can
‘Sweet yet citrusy, dry but juicy, sleek but spritzed, light but
loose – just great tasting seltzer with epic fruit flavours.’

Seltzer is defined as carbonated water. However, our Boozy Seltzer has a few extras – epic, natural fruit flavours and some booze (all 4% of it).
The main ingredients in our Boozy Seltzers are carbonated water, epic natural fruit flavours and booze. The sweet nectar is brewed to perfection thanks to some wizardry from our legendary brewing team to create a super clean tasting, Refreshalicious boozy beverage that's bursting with natural fruit flavour.

Believe it or not, the booze in our Boozy Seltzers is beer. 'But it doesn't taste like beer at all?!', I hear you exclaim. That's because these juicy boys are super-filtered to neutralise taste and smell, leaving behind just the ultra-crisp boozy, bubbly beverage. Strap in your tastebuds... they're in for a wild ride.

Check out the nutritional information panels below for more info 👇

Being super filtered, our Boozy Seltzers are crafted to remove gluten. While testing doesn't detect any traces of gluten in the finished product, they're made using the same equipment as beer (which does contain gluten), therefore we can't pinky promise these bevvies are gluten free.
There are less than 90 calories in every can of Brookvale Union Boozy Seltzer. That's on par with the calories in 6/7ths of a banana. No, really.
A small amount of sugar is added to our Boozy Seltzers at the start of the brewing process (equivalent to < 1g per can). However, with the refreshalicious liquid being super-filtered, no sugar is detected in the finished product... I know, hard to believe when they taste like a Las Vegas pool party (kudos, brew team).
There's less than 4g carbs in our Boozy Seltzers. No, really. Have that extra slice of bread.
There's not even a smidgen of artificial flavour in these juicy boys... they're made from all natural flavours and real fruit juice concentrates.
Unlike Cher's face (no judgement here, you do you gf) our Boozy Seltzers are preservative free.
Sure are, our plant-based, animal-loving friends.
Of course. In fact, each flavour was also taste-tested by Salvador Dali, and is said to have been the inspiration behind many of his famous works.
We're canning up these Refreshalicious boozy beverages, and sending them out into the world via carrier pidgeon for your mouth's pleasure as you read this sentence (specifically, to all good bottle shops and drinking holes). Check back soon for an even more specific list.