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The History of Our Brookvale Union Label

The aim of our Brookvale Union Ginger Beer was to create a great tasting drink representing the flair, feel and colours from the Asian continent; a primary source for ginger.

In 2013, after concerns were initially raised about our Brookvale Union Ginger Beer label, we worked with vocal Hindu community leaders to make changes to the label.

We received a list of specific things to change that were considered offensive and based on this, significant changes have already been made to our label.

This revised Brookvale Union Ginger Beer label is now in the market.

Further to this, after concerns were once again raised in January 2015, by the president of the Indian Australian Association of NSW, we then worked with the NSW Board of Anti-Discrimination to offer to redesign the label (to get this to a final place all are happy with) for a second time with members of the Hindu community. However, despite making repeated attempts to contact, this offer was not taken up and the matter has now been closed by the NSW Board of Anti-Discrimination.

In November 2015, the issue was raised once again by Hindu community leaders – again unfortunately brought to our attention via media outlets running a story and unfortunately not raised directly with us – which makes it difficult to work constructively to rectify the issue.

To keep Brookvale Union super sexy we’re giving it a bit of a nip and tuck!

Whether it’s constructive feedback you’d like us to consider or maybe you fancy yourself as the next Salvador Dalí and have an epic design idea?

Flick us an email below and let’s make Brookvale Union Ginger Beer even more ridiculously good looking.

Be it constructive feedback or Mr Dahli himself, please be patient and good natured whilst we get this prepped for the little nip and tuck.


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